7 Types of Customer Service: Pros and Cons

Technology brings new communication channels and new channels bring new ways we interact with customers. What are the pros and cons of each type of customer service?

Do you like jigsaw puzzles?

I do.

Each puzzle piece comes in a similar size but differs in its shape and color. You can follow various tactics to solve the puzzles. Whether it would be the right one depends on different factors, such as the total pieces number, image, color contrast, size, etc.

Solving jigsaw puzzles reflects the biggest challenges of today’s customer service.

First of all, all customers are different. They vary in their experience, expertise, expectations. No customer is identical (neither is a jigsaw piece).

Secondly, learning about and analyzing your customers’ problems take time (just like analyzing and sorting the puzzle pieces).

And finally, customers expect fast service so you need to decide what channel of communication with your customers would do the job most efficiently (choosing the right tactics for solving the puzzles will result in faster task completion).

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