Automating Sales: The proven way to increase revenue and reduce costs

Presently, technology is being used to conduct more than 40% of daily activities. Organizations and businesses are looking for ways to improve work output while still remaining cost-efficient. That is why automation of simple daily tasks has become a norm, including automating specific steps in the sales cycle.

As such, Chatbots contribute the majority of automation activities, and in this article, we discuss how they specifically help in automating sales.

As an introduction, automating sales can be defined as the creation and use of technology to conduct sales activities with little to no human intervention. Basically getting a technological tool to do what would otherwise have to be done by a person. Numerous sales tasks can be automated. However, our focus is on what and how the Chatbot helps to automate.

  • Automated Guidance

Once a customer makes contact with the bot on WhatsApp, they are guided through the conversation, like receiving menu options on what they would like to do. The catalog created on the bot’s system is another way of automated guidance. The bot shares an auto-generated link to the catalog with the customer on WhatsApp for browsing and selection of products. The customer is guided through the entire process by the bot, including making payments and selecting delivery options.

This helps organizations and small business owners focus their strength on more complex tasks.

  • Automated Communication

The bot is designed to provide an immediate response when a customer sends a message. A business owner never has to worry about customers left pending. 

The bot’s response is also set to personalize the response, for example, the first greeting has the specific customer’s name. Such personalization goes a long way to make customers comfortable and increase loyalty and trust in the brand.

The fact that communication is automated means that the service is available to customers regardless of the time. A business owner can make sales even out of the working hours and offer 24/7 customer support without the extra expense of hiring customer care assistants.

  • Record Keeping

The bot’s system keeps a daily log of all the interactions. It stores valuable information based on WhatsApp conversations. Instead of conducting manual data entry of orders received, customer names, and numbers, everything is logged on the backend portal, accessible to the business owner.

The system also comes with an analytics and reporting tool, that provides valuable metrics like; sales reports, transaction history, average order value, top-selling products, and shopping cart abandonment rate. These metrics can be very essential in informing business decisions regarding sales and the business in general.

Chatbots Africa is helping businesses optimize their sales process with an automated system that works seamlessly with everyday business operations. Our customers enjoy the advantages of automating sales with the Omnibot, including;

  • Improved work efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs of operation
  • Increase in online sales

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