What are the business benefits of working with Chatbots Africa?

The range of advantages your business can get by using our Omnibot platform are immense. Our product is applicable in all industries and offers a new way to connect, engage and communicate with customers. The benefit of chatbots has been appreciated by customers because of the ease and speed of response.

Some of the benefits of chatbots include;

Change the way customers reach you

Customers want to speak to you in a way that suits and is most convenient for them.

Our omnibot platform gives customers that chance to reach you using all social communication platforms including; WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Dedicated chatbots across all channels optimize interactions in all sorts of industries. Imagine smoother communication between patient and physician, rental car users and rental agents, insurance companies and drivers involved in accidents, and retailers and customers. Many of today’s business interactions that require physical presence could easily be replaced by a personalized, customized, secure, and cost-effective social chat. That offers more convenience and efficient service delivery for your customers.

Improve service quality

High response rate, no delayed responses.

Customers want an easy but effective way to communicate with businesses and brands. Phone calls may go unanswered and rely on the physical presence of a human being. Emails go unread all the time and have delayed replies. Text messages are delivered within seconds and have a 90% read rate within 3 minutes. Research shows that SMS is simply the most effective channel that exists!

Chatbots Africa offers you the opportunity to automate and optimize text messaging via the most commonly used social communication platform currently, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Connect and build safely

Connect with your customers safely and easily.

Privacy is a huge concern for customers nowadays. With our Omnibot platform on WhatsApp, businesses can connect with their customers in total privacy. The information the customer provides in response to the bot is secure and only accessible to the business owner. In addition, the chats are secured by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.

Boost revenue

Increased accessibility and engagement equals more sales.

A key thing for success in sales and business is omnichannel marketing. Businesses that are present and accessible to their customers on multiple channels enjoy the benefit of higher sales and engagement. Chatbots Africa offers businesses the opportunity to optimize their presence and accessibility in all social communication platforms. With the Omnibot, you will cater to customers that prefer using WhatsApp, you will also be available for those who prefer to connect with businesses on social media (Facebook & Instagram).

With increased customer access comes increased customer engagement. The chances of making a sale from the engagement increase ten-fold compared to relying on customers visiting your physical store, or using just one mode of communication. Thus, increased engagement ultimately translates to increased sales that boost your overall revenue. It is similar to having multiple streams of income.


Chatbots Africa does not only offer automation of communication but also provides more beneficial additions to a business of any size. The benefits of chatbots have been proven in all industries, including banks and telecommunication companies. Our system allows you to analyze the communication and interactions you have had. Retailers and wholesalers can view and analyze their sales reports, marketers and salespersons can access customer information for more personalized and targeted marketing and sales tactics.

Learn more about how an Omnibot and chatbot works here

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