Chatbots Africa is empowering SMEs in Kenya to develop a Social Sales Outlet for free through Chatbots Freemium

Chatbot technology is thriving, and 80% of enterprises globally have adopted it. Chatbots help to expand and automate customer service and increase eCommerce sales across various communication channels.

Chatbots Africa developed the Omnibot, to serve as a communication channel for businesses and customers. The Omnibot integrates social media channels and automates all the interactions. 

The Omnibot has successfully been integrated into WhatsApp Channel and has seen small and large businesses automate their WhatsApp Business operations.

For one to integrate the Omnibot into their WhatsApp, the client would need to pay a set-up fee and commit to a monthly maintenance fee. The challenge rises here for small and medium business owners. 

Case example: a shop owner who sells clothes and accessories in a stall in Nairobi town center. He/she mainly relies on in-store visits to make sales. However, referrals and regular customers are requesting if they would be able to view her products without visiting the stall and be able to order and receive wherever they are. So the shop owner gets WhatsApp Business and shares the number with her customers. Now she/he has two points of sale, in-store visits, and orders from WhatsApp. He/she is the only person managing the shop, since it is just a small stall, and handling clients is easy for one person. However, between attending to clients in-store and answering messages on WhatsApp manually, they may find the need to hire extra help, which brings extra costs on their side. Then comes Chatbots Africa, offering the service to automate WhatsApp communication, from prompt replies to messages, automated ways to view and select orders, receiving payment, and collecting delivery details. Everything is automated and all the shop owner has to do is receive the order notification, pack what has been ordered, and deliver. This solution is timely and perfect for the shop owner, but there is a lack of funds for set-up.

Hence the introduction of Chatbots Freemium, to help address the challenge for small and medium scale businesses.

What is Chatbots Freemium?

In this model, the client gets free set-up for the Omnibot. Chatbots Africa charges a percentage for every order received through the bot. Instead of paying for the initial set-up fee, the shop owner gets the Omnibot at no cost, with the agreement that they will pay a specified amount of money for every order/interaction they get from their customers. 

So for example, if for every order, it is agreed between Chatbots Africa and the client that they will pay Kshs. 10, then the client covers for at least 200 orders before the bot is active, a total of Kshs. 2000.

The development of the freemium model allows the client to view the number of orders/interactions they have received over a given period, which allows them to monitor the use of their initial deposit amount.

The Freemium model is suitable for small to medium-scale businesses. It helps them set up a social sales channel through WhatsApp Business.

To sign up for Chatbots Freemium, visit Sign Up and create an account. Chatbots Africa will confirm and activate your account and guide you on how to create your chatbot.

Alternatively, call +254 776762122 and get started on your chatbot with Chatbots Freemium

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