Chatbots Africa launches the first-ever WhatsApp Chatbot Mall In Ghana

Social commerce has gained a lot of popularity. Businesses are making it easier for their customers to reach them and access their products and services.

To maintain the sustainability and business value of the Omnibot, Chatbots Africa requires that a business have a marketing strategy to bring traffic to the bot (use and order through the bot number on WhatsApp). Many business owners use WhatsApp or eCommerce as a secondary form of getting sales. Hence, some may lack firm marketing strategies to encourage customers to use WhatsApp to place orders and even lack enough time and resources to manage the bot as efficiently. In such a case, what is left is an active bot that is not being put to optimal use.

As a solution to this, Chatbots Africa introduced a new model, Chatbots Mall. Imagine doing all your household shopping, groceries, clothes, phones and phone accessories, making payments, and having it delivered to you, all by chatting to one number on WhatsApp. This is what Chatbots Africa is doing in Ghana by introducing Chatbots Mall.

Chatbots Mall is a collection of different businesses and products, all in one place. A virtual mall, viewed and operated on WhatsApp Business. By interacting with one number on WhatsApp, a customer gets to buy from different businesses, offering different products.

Chatbots Africa is giving businesses the chance to list their products like they would on the usual eCommerce websites. All businesses under Chatbots Mall use one WhatsApp number to market and trade their products. Individual businesses are put into separate categories, each with its products. The operations and management of the virtual mall are handled by Chatbots Africa. Chatbots Africa also handles marketing, to increase use and traffic to the virtual mall.

The innovative idea of Chatbots Mall is meant to give small and medium-scale businesses in Ghana a channel to increase their revenue by having their products sold online, on a virtual shopping complex.

To be listed in the mall, call 233509766733 or email us via


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