Creating a smart bot; Omnibot case example for eCommerce

Chatbot technology is thriving, and 80% of enterprises globally have adopted it. Chatbots help to expand and automate their customer service and increase eCommerce sales across various communication channels. Even with this growth, it is however important to note that creating a responsive bot from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. Several factors to consider include;

  • Which clients do we want to reach?
  • On which channels do we want to include our chatbot?
  • What is the final goal of every chatbot conversation?

Hence, the introduction of Omnibot, a bot-building tool by Chatbots Africa. Omnibot allows you to create your own Whatsapp Bots that allow you to automate the interactions that you have with your clients on Whatsapp. The Omnibot can be applied across multiple industries.

However, in this article, we will focus on the eCommerce industry, for taking clients’ orders, conducting surveys, mobile marketing promotions, and sharing multimedia messages with no limitations on SMS.

Features of Omnibot for eCommerce

  • WhatsApp Number

The first step of set-up involves registering a WhatsApp number for the bot. Customers connect with the business through that given number.

  • Dashboard

The OmniBot Dashboard allows a business owner to manage their content. They can add new products, edit existing ones, add necessary details, and set prices.

  • Shopping cart

It creates a web-based shopping platform for your customers to select products and ‘add to cart’, with a seamless checkout process.

  • Reports

It provides detailed information regarding the orders, customer database, and product reports in terms of the catalog. It is quite useful for analyzing trends and the growth of the business as a whole.

  • Payment gateway integrations

The eCommerce Chabot can integrate payment options. This allows a business owner to receive payments directly through mobile money and/or debit/credit accounts.

  • Security

The servers are secure and protected using state-of-the-art security systems. This ensures that private and sensitive information like credit card information is secure.

  • Scalable Infrastructure

Our hosting infrastructure can scale, maintain excellent uptime, and improve the system’s performance to fit the increase in traffic and data size.


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