Conversational eCommerce: The new way to buy and sell

In this day and age, people are communicating more and more through messages on social networks, which has translated to how people prefer to relate to brands and businesses. Hence the introduction of conversational eCommerce.

As a definition, this concept of conversational commerce combines communication and the ability to make purchases. It is any system set in place that facilitates direct communication between a business and its customers. This communication happens through instant digital messages that happen through a wide range of social channels; Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc. 

It is a proven way to strategically increase sales and enhance customer loyalty. Customers reach out to businesses directly mainly to; find out about products, and get help with making purchases, all of which require a direct way to contact the business. That is why brands are investing in their social media presence and customer support. 

Instagram and Facebook messaging had been the most common ways of contacting a brand, until the invention of WhatsApp Business in 2016. WhatsApp had already been popular as a means of communication by this time, so introducing Business gave people a chance to connect to their favorite brands in a more personal way. 

However, even WhatsApp Business has had its limitations. WhatsApp is not able to integrate shopping solutions all on its own, or even integrate payment gateways. Also, the fact that the number would be handled by a person limits the ability to handle thousands of messages all at once, or portray a professional enough image when it comes to specific responses.

Nonetheless, with the help of technology, it is possible to modify WhatsApp business to counter all these disadvantages, like using WhatsApp Chatbots.

What Chatbots can do;

  • Automate the entire conversation with custom responses, which gives it a professional feel, while still retaining the “human effect”, because of its conversational nature.
  • Integrate multiple shopping solutions, like allowing a customer to browse through the products, from an auto-generated link sent via WhatsApp.
  • Integrate payment options available for the business.
  • The bot is able to handle multiple conversations simultaneously, with a very high response rate. This guarantees convenience and real-time 24/7 response for the shopper.
  • Chatbots’ system makes it possible for business owners to analyze user behavior which can be useful in making business decisions. Learn more about Chatbots

Automating the sale process is cost-efficient for businesses because it means improved customer service without having to hire.

The benefits of adopting tools for conversational eCommerce like the WhatsApp Chatbot are limitless. It really is the new way to conduct online purchases. Adoption of chatbots by businesses


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